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One of the most important factors in tracking progress toward your organization’s goals is the use of Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs). KPIs are quantifiable metrics, tracked on a recurring basis, that reflect the overall success of the organization. They provide clarity for both executives and their team on what projects and responsibilities should be prioritized in order to hit those goals.

Blue Sky Partners’ 4-hour KPI Dashboard workshop acknowledges the importance of these metrics, and uses a set of immersive exercises to help you set quarterly and annual goals for your organization, solidify team and individual KPIs that honor those goals, and build a dashboard to keep track of those KPIs within a recurring basis.

At the end of these sessions, our goal is that your organization is better equipped to hit the goals you have set and build a foundation of clarity on how to accomplish those goals.



  • Identify organizational annual and quarterly goals
  • Set Key Performance Indicators for each team member
  • Build an easy-to-use dashboard to track KPIs

What to Expect

  • Pre-session survey, requesting current goals, KPIs, and tracking methods* 
  • 4-hour in-person work-session with dedicated BSP executive
  • Post-session report and document delivery
*Any financial data shared is strictly confidential. We understand the sensitive nature of this information.


Work Session + KPI Dashboard