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Plan your organization’s financial future today. BSP’s Financial Clarity Workshop will help you and your organization develop clear financial benchmarks, goals, and forecast for the future.

For many small business owners, lacking clarity about their finances is enough to keep them up at night. Managing cash flow, profit and loss, a balance sheet, a CPA, founder, employee, and contractor expectations is a lot. This often leaves business leaders in a position where they’re playing a guessing game with their money. Then there’s the technology, with data scattered across QuickBooks, random spreadsheets, and emails from CPAs and bookkeepers.


It doesn’t have to be this way, though.


Every business owner deserves the level of control that comes with understanding their financial standing. With Blue Sky Partner’s 4-hour Financial Clarity workshop, we work with business leaders to untangle their finances with an editable, all-encompassing financial overview dashboard.

By the end of the workshop, business leaders should feel confident as they make important business decisions, such as moving forward with new services, entering new industries, and hiring new team members.

“At Prowess Project we refer to Blue Sky Partners’ Financial Clarity Dashboard as ‘the magic spreadsheet’. Never before has it been so easy to not only see where our dollars are going but what revenue scenarios need to play out in order to hit our goals. Tim from the Blue Sky team spent hours customizing the magic spreadsheet to fit our needs. We are onboarding a business development director right now and it is speeding up that process exponentially.

Ashley Connell, Prowess Project



  • Understand current financial standing and management habits
  • Create an annual budget based on existing revenue and expenses
  • Project out future revenue and expenses
  • Build our financial scenarios for the year, accounting for necessary executive decision making

What to Expect

  • Pre-session survey, requesting baseline financial data* 
  • 4-hour in-person work-session with dedicated BSP executive
  • Post-session report and document delivery
*Any financial data shared is strictly confidential. We understand the sensitive nature of this information.


Work Session + Financial Document


Includes custom financial document